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Success Stories

Lutrenda Mikell

Lutrenda went from learning with the STRIVE program to working at Westside Works.

In 2018, Lutrenda was a stay at home mom who worked a part time security job to make ends meet. She was surfing the web looking for jobs and training opportunities when she stumbled across Westside Works. After registering and attending orientation, she decided the CNA track was the best fit for her. She enrolled in STRIVE, which is a prerequisite for the CNA class. "STRIVE taught me who I was and helped me to figure out where I was going. We had a large class of fourteen people and it was great to have so many different personalities meshing together. It helped everyone to learn something," she said. Lutrenda's personality and work ethic caught the attention of her instructors. They knew Westside Works had an open position as an Administrative Assistant/Intake Specialist and recommended Lutrenda for the job. She thought the office work schedule would be a good fit in her life and began working at Westside Works a few weeks later. "Westside Works has definitely improved my life financially. But it also helped me to have a more positive outlook on life," she said. 

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